Custom cabinet refinishing & refacing
Unhinged Benefits

The Green Alternative:

Refinishing and refacing your cabinets is an environmentally friendly alternative to complete cabinet replacement.

Refinishing produces very little waste, as all existing materials are reused. And refinishing can often be done with low VOC, water-based products.

Refacing provides a complete new look without adding the existing cabinet boxes to the waste stream. New doors are made by companies using wood from sustainable forests.

Old doors are reused whenever possible as refinishing samples, scrap wood, or materials to artisans for creative projects.

Money Saving Benefits:

Unlike cabinet replacement, cabinet refacing requires no changes to your plumbing, electrical, ceilings, or floors. Counters and walls are unaffected by the refacing process as well.

Refinishing provides an even greater savings because there are very few materials to buy. All existing components can be reused.

Locally Owned and Operated:

Unhinged is a local, privately owned business based in Inverness, Illinois. Unlike the big box corporations, Unhinged does not employ a large staff of salespeople or incur high advertising costs that are inevitably passed on to the customer. You save money and enjoy a high level of customer service.

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